Jo Israelson


“To be an artist is to trust”



Site Specific Art


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Time Based Media


Magazine articles: Selected list

Catoctin History: The Magazine of the Catoctin Center for Regional Studies
Fall/Winter 2005
Seagoing Cowboys and the Heifer Project: The Maryland Story

Carroll Magazine
June/July 2005
Of Art, Destiny, and the Heifer Project

Newspaper articles: Selected list

Frederick News Post
August 10, 2005
Project that sent cows across the Atlantic honors 60th anniversary

Carroll County Times
April 18, 2004
Union Bridge farm helped in creation of Heifer Relief

The Baltimore Sun
July 10, 2005
Local relief cowboys reminisce

The Baltimore Sun
July 10, 2005
Caring cowboys return

Carroll County Times, Weekender
August 12, 2005
Remembering seagoing cowboys

Carroll County Times
November 15, 2002
Documentary reveals history of Union Bridge hardware store

Carroll County Times
March 16, 2001
Walk through exhibits win 3-D category

Catonsville Times
September 6, 2000
Art Remembers Life, Times at Oella Mill

Carroll County Times. Weekender
September 19, 1997
Bringing stone to life

Jewish Times
May 17, 1996
Sacred Stones

Washington Post, Style/Arts
September 12, 1994
Reaping What She’s Sown

The Frederick News Post
February 23, 1994
Food for the hungry, home for a goddess